How Do You Miss A 10,000 Tonne Meteorite?

Q: How Do You Miss A 10,000 Tonne Meteorite?

A: You Squander Trillions on fixing “Dangerous” Global Warming even if the warming paused 16 years ago.

30 Hiroshima Bombs

“The meteor explosion appears to be one of the most stunning cosmic events above Russia since the 1908 Tunguska Event in which a massive blast most scientists blame on an asteroid or a comet ripped through Siberia.
Russian scientists were initially reported to have estimated its mass to be around 10 tonnes, but Nasa later claimed it was considerably larger with a mass closer to 10,000 tonnes.”


You know, if I was as deranged as one of the AGW cult leaders, I would be crying about how sad it was that all those people in Russia survived and ruined a great opportunity to shame the world into ACTION and pass a global meteorite tax to raise money for asteroid detection.


One Comment

  1. While I do agree that some would use it to scare people into shelling out money, I will also point out that every single astronaut who ever went to the moon, has for decades been advocating just such a thing. And I think they have the right of it.


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