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November 20, 2018

Saskatchewan Bright Sunshine Hours October 2018

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Canada has essentially quit recording bright sunshine hours. What a tragedy.

Environment Canada And Climate Change (I can’t believe they changed the name to that!) has dropped the ball.

One exception is the Saskatchewan Research Council. They collect sunshine data at two locations.

This is the October data for Saskatoon.

The normal is 156.1 hours of bright sunshine.

October 2018 had 207.0 hours.


Water Spout in Italy

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Big waterspout going ashore in Salerno, Campania, south Italy this afternoon!


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Beware of environmentalists coming up with brilliant plans to save the world. And fuels with “bio” in front of the name.

… in the mid-2000s, Western nations, led by the United States, began drafting environmental laws that encouraged the use of vegetable oil in fuels — an ambitious move to reduce carbon dioxide and curb global warming. But these laws were drawn up based on an incomplete accounting of the true environmental costs. Despite warnings that the policies could have the opposite of their intended effect, they were implemented anyway, producing what now appears to be a calamity with global consequences.

The tropical rain forests of Indonesia, and in particular the peatland regions of Borneo, have large amounts of carbon trapped within their trees and soil. Slashing and burning the existing forests to make way for oil-palm cultivation had a perverse effect: It released more carbon. A lot more carbon. NASA researchers say the accelerated destruction of Borneo’s forests contributed to the largest single-year global increase in carbon emissions in two millenniums, an explosion that transformed Indonesia into the world’s fourth-largest source of such emissions.


Arctic Sea Ice Volume 19-Nov-2018

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Sea Ice Extent (Global Antarctic and Arctic) – Day 323 – 2018

Arctic is only 90,000 sq km away from the 1 standard deviation mark.

And it is higher than these years  2016 2012 2017 2006 2010 2011 2015 2007 2009 2013

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November 19, 2018

German Sunshine Map For October 2018

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Sunshine in Germany was way higher than usual October 2018.

(Although I wish they had graphs like the UK available.) (And I wish they used the 1981-2010 mean)


chosen product for offer: Climatological maps of Germany

Fifth Sunniest October in UK – 2018

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Fifth sunniest October in UK

UK Sunshine - October

122% of average.

2018 Sunshine 1981 - 2010 anomaly

NOAA USA October 2018 Max Temp 21st Coldest

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It was the 21st coldest October in terms of Maximum Temperature in the USA. (1 would be coldest)

-2.26F below the mean.



Arctic Sea Ice Volume 18-Nov-2018

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Sea Ice Extent (Global Antarctic and Arctic) – Day 322 – 2018

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