Dirty Truth About Wood-Burning Biomass

“Far from being “carbon neutral,” wood-burning biomass actually emits more carbon dioxide (the primary global warming greenhouse gas) per unit of energy produced than either gas or coal. Yes, trees can grow back and reabsorb that carbon, but that growth takes many years. The most recent studies show that

The renewability of wood is also questionable, as forests would be threatened by any meaningful increase in electricity generation using biomass as fuel. Replacing just 10 percent of the coal used in Pennsylvania would require more than 12.8 million green tons of wood per year — far more than the state’s annual commercial wood harvest (about 5 million tons).

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Save The Coal – Kill and Burn Trees Instead

How insane. The Green AGW Cult is killing whole forests in North America and shipping the dead trees all the way to Europe to be burned for electricity instead of burning coal which has been dead for millions of years.

From the GWPF:

“A British government policy change is causing coal plants to convert to burning biomass, fuelling a huge increase in wood pellet exports from North America. But a new review of biofuels’ impact has cast doubt on their ability to tackle climate change.”

“The European policy is boosting exports of wood pellets from North America. American export volumes are forecast to increase from an estimated 1.5 million tonmes in 2012 to 5.7 million tonnes in 2015, according to the North American Wood Fiber Review.

Total Canadian exports to Europe in the second quarter of this year rose 14% from the first quarter, with reports of British Colombian pellet plants running at full capacity thanks to European demand.

Biomass-burning plants in the UK import most of their fuel, mostly from North America, which increases their carbon impact from transportation.”