Arctic 8.7% Below Mean – Sea Ice Extent (Global Antarctic and Arctic) – Day 107 – 2019

Despite the Arctic being at record lows for this time of year, it is only 8.7% below the mean.

Mean = 14.64 Extent = 13.37 Anomaly = -1.27

Five weeks ago on day 70 it was only 4% below the mean.


South / North

Fort George Could Crumble To The Sea Thanks To Imaginary 3 foot Sea Level Rise

If it wasn’t for imaginary sea level rises, how could they scare us?

Fort George is losing a battle with the coastal impact of climate change and rising seas, according to an expert.

According to the latest projections, by 2100 sea levels in the area could rise up to one meter higher.

Currently sea levels are rising at 3-4 mm a year and that figure is increasing,

Fort George is losing a battle with the coastal impact of climate change and rising seas, according to a climate expert. The 18th century stronghold's exposed coastal location leaves it vulnerable to violent storms likely to hasten corrosion

according to the Historic Environment Scotland (HES).

Dr Mairi Davies, Climate Change Manager at the HES told MailOnli

ne: ‘Rising sea level, and potentially changes in the severity of storm surges, will increase the rate and extent of coastal erosion.’

The closest tide gauge shows almost ZERO sea level rise over 30 years and just a small rise over 55 years.