Sea Ice Extent (Global Antarctic and Arctic) – Day 295 – 2016

global_sea_ice_extent_zoomed_2016_day_295_1981-2010 antarctic_sea_ice_extent_zoomed_2016_day_295_1981-2010 arctic_sea_ice_extent_zoomed_2016_day_295_1981-2010

South / North

Solar Array UHI = PVHI = 3C to 4C

Do you have a lot of solar cells in your neighborhood or city or state? Then welcome to the PVHI.

“Because there are still large uncertainties surrounding the potential for a PHVI effect, we examined the PVHI empirically with experiments that spanned three biomes. We found temperatures over a PV plant were regularly 3–4 °C warmer than wildlands at night, which is in direct contrast to other studies based on models that suggested that PV systems should decrease ambient temperatures.”

And then your region can buy more air conditioners to try and cool off the evening, which will then pump more warm moist air into the area, which will increase the night time temperatures even more and then ….