Increased carbon dioxide enhances plankton growth


CO2 is good.

“Coccolithophores–tiny calcifying plants that are part of the foundation of the marine food web–have been increasing in relative abundance in the North Atlantic over the last 45 years, as carbon input into ocean waters has increased. Their relative abundance has increased 10 times, or by an order of magnitude, during this sampling period, report researchers.”

We never expected to see the relative abundance of coccolithophores to increase 10 times in the North Atlantic over barely half a century. If anything, we expected that these sensitive calcifying algae would have decreased in the face of increasing ocean acidification (associated with increasing carbon dioxide entering the ocean from the burning of fossil-fuels). Instead, we see how these carbon-limited organisms appear to be using the extra carbon from CO2 to increase their relative abundance by an order of magnitude.





Ocean Garbage is Missing! Only 0.7% Remains.

This is hilarious. All the greenie talking points are imploding.

“Plastic junk is floating widely on the world’s oceans, but there is significantly less of it than expected, researchers have warned.

Researchers towed a mesh net at 141 sites to monitor floating debris.

They estimate theĀ  the total amount of floating plastic debris in open ocean at 7,000 to 35,000 tons – far less than the 1 million tonnes previously estimated.
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