NOAA October 2015 – USA – 20th Wettest (Tied With 1900 and 1972)

According to the NOAA, October 2015 was ranked 102 out of 121 for precipitation.

20th Wettest! (Tied With 1900 and 1972)

5.5x as much rain as 1952. Permanent AGW Drought? Bull****.



Take a look at all the green states. Green is near record rainfall. Light green is much above normal.


NOAA Precipitation Update as of Feb 2014 – Last 12 Months Were Normal

I missed this when it came out last month, but according to the NOAA Precipitation for the 12 month period ending February 2014 was normal.

It was .19 inches above the 1901-2000 mean.

Wasn’t there supposed to be a permanent “Climate Change” drought?


NOAA_Feb_2014_Precipitation_12 Months


Addendum: If you split the NOAA Climate History in two (March – February), these are the averages:

1895 – 1955 = 29.45 inches

1956 – 2014 = 30.44


One last one:

1980 – 2014 = 30.75 inches


Climate Change … bringer of slightly more precipitation.

California February 2014 – Almost 6 Times As Much Rain Compared to January

Update: I had 2013 in the title. Sorry. (thanks justsoeguy31167)

According to the NOAA, California averaged 3.43 inches of rain in February 2014, which was only .42 inches below the 1901-2000 mean.

That is about 5.7X as much rain compared to January when California only averaged only .6 inches of rain.

One month of average rainfall won’t end a drought, but it sure helps.


Winter Rainfall UK 1910 to Jan 2014

Because of the floods, they are arguing about the amount of rainfall due to “climate change” over in the UK. Looking at the data from the UK Met for winter rainfall, it appears rainfall goes up and down.

I wonder if the usual AGW alarmist media blamed climate change for the dry period 2009 to 2011? Do I have to ask? Of course they did!

Guardian 17 November 2011: As well as the recent dry weather, water companies and environment regulators are expecting the UK to have more frequent dry winters as a result of climate change.

The graph below is Dec/Jan/Feb anomalies from the 1981-2010 mean. Click for a bigger version.

UK WINTER Rainfall Anomaly From 1981-2010 Mean

5th Wettest July in USA History – NOAA 2013

With all the claims about 2012 being the worst drought in USA history (total joke), I thought I would mention that July 2013 was the 5th wettest July ever according to the NOAA.

Only 1950, 1958, 1992 and 1915 were wetter. July 2013 was .71 inches above the 1901 – 2000 average. July 1930 was the driest.

The 1895 to 2013 trend for precipitation in July is 0. Flat. No trend at all. Perfectly average.

Year To Date precipitation for 2013 is 23rd wettest. 1.54″ above the long term average.