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September 21, 2017

PDO AMO Arctic Antarctic

The graphs start from 1950 to show a full 66 year cycle of the PDO and AMO.

I’m graphing anomalies from the mean for all. Sea Ice is in millions of sq km.

PDO versus Arctic Extent  – note that the satellite record for sea ice starts at peak of PDO

AMO versus Antarctic Extent



August 16, 2016

NOAA Max Temperature July 2016 – 102nd out of 122

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July in the USA max temp graph looks like the 1930s (but not quite as warm).


Kinda looks like the AMO

AMO - from-1895

January 31, 2016

AMO as of Dec 2015

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The AMO for each month as of Dec 2015. Some months the AMO is still high. Some it is low.


November 13, 2015

Antarctic Ice Extent Anomaly % vs PDO

This graph compares Anomaly Percent (ie if the anomaly is 1,000,000 sq km and the mean is 10,000,000 the value would be 10%)

Antarctic anomaly_pct vs PDO




November 12, 2015

Antarctic Ice Extent Anomaly vs Arctic Ice Extent Anomaly vs AMO vs PDO from 2010

Update: Experimental Graph Removed until I can fix my code.

Update 2: Experimental Graph 2: Antarctic Ice Extent Anomaly vs Arctic Ice Extent Anomaly vs AMO vs PDO from 2010

(Arctic is anomalies. I will try other values later)

It was in perfect synch for a while.


South / North

September 10, 2015

AMO – Winter is Coming

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Sep/Oct/Nov/Dec only go up to 2014 of course. 2005 was the peak AMO (approximately).

And its downhill to same kind of late 70s cold that made people think a new ice age was coming.

The good news. It should be another 25 years to reach bottom. The bad news. 2005 style warmth is 60 years away.

Average AMO by Month Since 1995  only

Average AMO by Month Since 1975 Average AMO by Month Since 1925

February 23, 2015

AMO by Month from 1909 as of Jan 2015.

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The AMO syncs up with climate change very nicely. This is just a view I like. The deepest blue sections are the 1970s.

1978/79 was the coldest winter in US history.


August 13, 2014

California Water Management Fails Epically

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Michael Reagan states the obvious:
In response to the shortage of water, the California Water Resources Board wants to institute a punitive fine of $500/day for people it calls “water hogs.”
But I think Thomas Del Beccaro, writing in Forbes, has a better idea: Let’s fine the board for failing to do its job over the last 40 years.
He explains, “California is the most populated state in the Union, with more than 38 million people. Its population was just under 20 million in 1970, when the bulk of its current water storage and delivery systems were already built. In other words, the California governments have done very little to significantly increase water supplies in over 40 years, even though its population has doubled during that period of time.
Instead of realizing that “water” was its middle name, the board has been made captive by enviro-Nazis who think people in general are the enemy. Rather than build dams and reservoirs to keep up with a growing population, state government has preferred to depend on the kindness of clouds to provide water for taxpayers.
Then the clouds stopped being kind.
Felicia Marcus, chairman of the water board, exemplifies the arrogant, buck-passing mentality of its members: “I like to say, having a browning lawn and a dirty car is a badge of honor.”
No Felicia, the dead grass and filthy car are the result of a do-nothing board that should be thrown out on its ear.

June 1, 2014

AMO Update as of April 2014

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UPDATE: Sorry about the title. Not sure what happened. Fixed now.

The AMO is definitely linked with climate cycles. And probably has more to do with Arctic Sea Ice than any other factor. This is loess trend of each month of the AMO on the same graph.

The winter months started trending down around 2005/2008. Spring months have been flattish since the same time. Only July-Sept have stayed high. June has been flat.

The first four months of 2014 were all negative.

AMO From 2000 as of 2014 April

Same graph, but from 1856 and 1979. The spread in months now seems to be repeating the pattern way back in 1856. But that could be an endpoint artifact.

AMO From 1856 as of 2014 April

AMO From 1979 as of 2014 April


Same graphs, but the data and the trends.

AMO From 1856 as of 2014 April (all lines) AMO From 1979 as of 2014 April (all lines) AMO From 2000 as of 2014 April (all lines)

May 19, 2014

AMO (May) vs Antarctic Sea Ice Day 138

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The graph is in thise post compares sea ice extent for just one day of each year – 138 to the AMO for the month day 138 is in – in this case May. There isn’t any AMO data for May 2014 yet.

AMO data comes from NOAA, Sea Ice data comes from NSIDC.

The red is the  May AMO – Atlantic Multidecadal Oscillation. The blue is Antarctic Sea Ice Extent just for day 138.

The dashed lines are the liner trends for each.

Click on the graph for a larger size.

Antarctic Sea Ice Extent for Day 138 From 1979 (infilled)  + AMO

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