USA NOAA Precipitation – 24th Highest April

Above average precipitation in large parts of the USA for April 2016.



Precedented Warming in Antarctica

Warmists like to claim warming in every part of the world is unprecedented.

This paper says just the opposite. Warming has been more dramatic in the 1700s and 1800s than today.

“We present a new stable isotope record from Ellsworth Land which provides a valuable 308-year record (1702-2009) of climate variability from coastal West Antarctica. Climate variability at this site is strongly forced by sea surface temperatures (SSTs) and atmospheric pressure in the tropical Pacific and related to local sea ice conditions. The record shows that this region has warmed since the late 1950s, at a similar magnitude to that observed in the Antarctic Peninsula and central West Antarctica, however, this warming trend is not unique. More dramatic isotopic warming (and cooling) trends occurred in the mid-19th and 18th centuries, suggesting that at present the effect of anthropogenic climate drivers at this location has not exceeded the natural range of climate variability in the context of the past ~300 years.