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May 2, 2018

BC Government Are Hypocrites – 100MT of CO2 Ignored

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Yes, anti-pipeline Vancouver really is North America’s largest exporter of coal



May 1, 2018

BC Carbon Tax – Gasoline Sales

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The province of BC is touted as carbon tax success story. If you google “carbon tax success” BC always shows up.

Just ask the NY Times:

And of course that would mean less gasoline used .. right?

Gross sales of gasoline (1,000 liters)

 2012 4,682,115
 2013 4,504,633
 2014 4,687,564
 2015 5,481,062
 2016 5,770,067

23% more gasoline used in BC from 2012.

And CO2 emitted climbed from 2010 to 2015 (last year available)

Its just a tax grab.

January 22, 2017

Higher Energy Costs (and carbon taxes) Screw The Poor

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A timely article by Willis.

“The wealthiest of our households spend about 6% of their income on energy, while the poorest spend just over 40% of their income on energy.

And of course, this means if energy costs go up by say 25%, the rich will get a bite out of their income of 1.5%. But the poor will get an additional bill for no less than 10% of their income …

Sadly, in reality it is worse than that. At the poor end of the spectrum, there is very little slack in the budget. There is a concept in economics called “disposable income”, money that you have at the end of the month that isn’t already spoken for to pay some bill or other.

People living on the economic bottom floor not only don’t have disposable income, they never heard of disposable income. Every dollar is spoken for, and often over-promised.”



January 16, 2017

I Pledge To NEVER Vote For A Party That Supports A Carbon Tax

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New posts below this one.

I Pledge To NEVER Vote For A Party That Supports A Carbon Tax.

The next provincial general election in British Columbia is scheduled for May 9, 2017

Yes the NDP will probably screw the poor and retired and middle class more than the Liberals.

But I won’t vote Liberal as long as the carbon tax exists.

If there is no party that is against the carbon tax, I won’t vote.

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