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December 12, 2016

So Much For Tree Rings As A Temperature Proxy

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So much for tree rings as a temperature proxy.

Huge Canadian Tree Growth Study.

Our analyses of a new methodologically standardized tree-ring dataset covering Canada’s boreal forest provide insights into the growth responses of this ecosystem to climate change. Although revealing no overarching “growth enhancement” or “growth decline” in recent years, results do point to significant regional- and species-related trends in growth. The observed link between climate variation and growth variability revealed unique evidence of an intensification of the impacts of hydroclimatic variability on growth late in the 20th century, in parallel with the rapid rise of summer temperature.

Such response can be attributed to annual growth variability in these forests being mainly driven by negative sensitivity to summer temperature (warmer summers leading to less growth) and positive sensitivity to summer soil moisture (more moisture leading to more growth)



October 28, 2012

Briffa and Melvin Crowns 1936 as Warmest Year Ever!

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WUWT and others have posts on the new Briffa and Melvin reconstruction that affirms the existence of the MWP.

After thinking about it and looking at the graphs again I realize they also crown 1936 as the warmest year ever using their proxies.

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