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November 18, 2016

RSS – Satellite Temperatures Back to Where they Were Before El Nino

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RSS is one of the two satellite temperature data sets. They show the EL Nino “peak”.

I wonder how far the La Nina will drop?





April 18, 2016

Could 2016/2017 Be The Strongest La Niña On Record?

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It is not uncommon for a La Nina to follow an El Nino.

SCRIPPS issues forecasts. Joe Bastardi points out they are not always right, but if they are right this time, he says:

Its forecast for this event, if real, would be spectacular. Not only would it be the biggest El Niño to La Niñas transition, but the strongest La Niña on record.


NOAA is predicting La Nina here.


The global effects of La Nina:



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