Putin: Helping Coal Make a Comeback in the Ukraine

It is too bad the EU has worked so hard to stop fracking in Europe. Europe might had have some spare natural gas to sell the Ukraine.

Ukraine’s Western-backed leaders scrambled on Friday to find new sources of energy after Russia hiked its gas price by 80 percent in response to the overthrow of Kiev’s pro-Kremlin regime.”

“We are now reviewing our electricity and fuel balance for 2014 with a view of using as much domestic coal as possible at the expense of natural gas,”



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Save The Coal – Polish PM Wants to “Rehabilitate Coal”

Europe is freaking out about Putin’s control of Europe’s energy supplies.  The Greens and the EU Central Planning Authority (same group I think) have done everything in their power to thwart attempts to explore for shale gas (fracking) in Europe.

So guess what? The Polish PM want to “rehabilitate” coal. Europe could have been burning nice clean shale gas by now. Now they want to burn even more coal. And probably trees. And books. Anything with high CO2 and anything without the word fracking in it.

“Russia, which provides around one third of the EU’s oil and gas, sent shockwaves through the international community with its military intervention and annexation of Ukraine’s Crimea peninsula two weeks ago.

The action prompted the United States and its European allies to begin imposing sanctions on President Vladimir Putin’s inner circle and to threaten to penalise key sectors of Russia’s economy.

Some 40 percent of Russia’s gas destined for Europe is shipped through Ukraine.

“The experience of the last few weeks shows that Europe must strive towards solidarity when it comes to energy,” Tusk said.

He said Poland’s proposed energy union would be based on six points including the “rehabilitation” of coal as a valid energy source, more shale gas exploration and common purchases to ensure the best price.”





Putin was changing the map while Europe was saving the climate

It is scary to think about how stupid some of the world’s politicans have been. Europe and its big green collaborators have fought long and hard to stop fracking in Europe. Putin got his money’s worth.

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“Europe has had nearly a decade — since Moscow cut off gas supplies to the region for the first time– to ready itself for renewed Russian misbehavior, but has been caught as flatfooted as Obama. Instead of reducing their dependence on gas from Ukraine and Russia, the leaders of Western Europe have chosen to combat climate change. Instead of investing in secure energy, the EU has invested in green energy, driving up energy costs, reducing competitiveness, and allowing Putin to remain in the driver’s seat.  

Russia today supplies 30 percent of Europe’s natural gas; half of that flows through Ukraine. In 2006, when the Kremlin first cut exports to the region, Siberian gas provided only 20 percent of EU consumption.