Global Warming solved

Just like Polar Bears, if you stop killing whales, they stop dying in large numbers and the damage “caused” by global warming disappears.  (h/t Tom Nelson)

But to be politically correct you still have to blame global warming.

“An institute that tracks the population of Humpback whales that reproduce along Brazil’s coast says the number of the once-threatened mammals has tripled over the last 10 years.

The Humpback Whale Institute says in a news release there are now almost 10,000 humpbacks off the Brazilian coast. In 2002, the institute counted approximately 3,000 whales.

Institute chief Milton Marcondes says the whales’ fat once was used as fuel for public lighting and in construction. Hunting was banned in 1966, when only about 1,000 whales were left.

Marcondes says restoration efforts have helped the species recover in spite of global warming, accidents with boats and fishing nets.”

Global Warming, the mass killer of whales … or was that harpoons? They both look alike … to climate scientists.

4 thoughts on “Global Warming solved

  1. Oh the ironing, whale oil would be a renewable fuel whereas the fossils fuels that saved them is now considered to cause the end of the world.

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