Oct 2012 – Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba Cooling Too

Using temperature stations designated as part of the “Normals” used by Environment Canada, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba have been cooling for the last 15 years.

Alberta -.459C/decade

Saskatchewan -.431C/decade

Manitoba -.229C/decade

BC is cooling too. See this post.

4 thoughts on “Oct 2012 – Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba Cooling Too

  1. I did a study of the Central UK Max Temps vs Bright Sunshine Hours (see my limited blog site, it was hosted on Talkbloke’s). Do we have that data for Canada/elselsewhere? Unfortunately I have limited computer knowledge, do things old school onto Excel spreadsheets. If I can cut and past, I’m fine, but beyond that …

  2. I love this presentation. Do you keep a running spreadsheet for each province and then graph that? I couldn’t find much on EC that graphs out a series like this. I’m just curious what these will look like after the cold 2013 spring and was hoping to produce my own?

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