David Appell – Maybe Quack Soup Would Be A Better Title?

Some blogger named David Appell was sounding the AGW alarm yesterday (for the millionth time I think)  about dangerous Arctic Greening.

I did a post about how it has warmed in the past in the Arctic here.

I noted that temperatures dropped 1.8C from the 40s to the 1960s in that post and then it warmed again to about 1.2C warmer than 1940s.

Thats about 2F over 70 years.

But I just can’t get past the insanity of his post. He is claiming temperatures will rise 20F.

“The paper says climate models predict the shift will be 20° more by the end of the century. That’s about 1400 miles.

Denver will move to Mexico City. Saskatchewan will move to Houston. Fairbanks, Alaska will move to Portland, Oregon, and Portland will move somewhere equivalent to Miami’s latitude. ”


Maybe Quack Soup would be a better title for his blog?



19 thoughts on “David Appell – Maybe Quack Soup Would Be A Better Title?

    1. so what….when i lived up there, it was cold, then it warmed up…big deal, warm cold,…repeat…time to get out of your ivory tower….

    1. 1) The Canadian Arctic is cooling as I demonstrated which is the opposite of what the paper says.

      2) I quote from your blog post: “Denver will move to Mexico City. ”

      The average temperature of Mexico City in the winter is 20F warmer than Denver. I looked it up.

      Denver will not be 20F warmer.

      You should retract your blog post and apologize to the unfortunate people who read it.

      1. My post was clearly about degrees of latitude — obvious because I didn’t put an “F” or “C” after the degrees symbol, and converted in into miles along the arc fo the Earth’s surface.

        Your misunderstanding is total.

      2. I understood clearly you were making the stark raving mad prediction that Denver would have a temperature and growing season similar to Mexico City based on the outdated Arctic data.

        I call it the “Climate Scientist” toolkit.

        1) You see a rising line on a graph.
        2) You take a ruler and draw a line from trough to peak and extend it off into the future.
        3) Then you write a bogus paper claiming the rising line would rise forever.
        4) Then you get some moron of a blogger to write about it.

      3. A stash of 80-year-old photo plates in a Danish basement has proved that Greenland’s ice was melting even faster then that it is now.

        In the thirties, Greenland’s ice was melting rapidly, then there was a cooling period in the middle part of the twentieth century, and now it is melting again, accelerating in the 2000s.

        Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-2152004/Lost-photos-prove-Greenlands-ice-melting-FASTER-80-years-ago-today.html


        Of the 5 Greenland Weather Stations. with data from the 1800s, the records for Spring Temperatures were 1932,32,32,32,29.


        Lots of others from 1910 to 1940.

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