Is the Yong Sheng Stopped By the Closure of the Northwest Passage?

The Canadian side of the Northwest Passage appears closed due to ice at both ends. Read about it here.

I checked on the Yong Sheng (famously trying to take cargo via the Northwest Passage).

It appears to be “confused” as to what to do next. It made a strange northwards turn.

I wonder if the same conditions are occurring on the Russian side causing trouble for the Yong Sheng?



9 thoughts on “Is the Yong Sheng Stopped By the Closure of the Northwest Passage?

    1. Possibly. I’m just confused by the sudden turn. It seems like the ship suddenly decided its initial route plan was not viable.

      One of the routes is between the islands and one is north of the islands. It looks like someone was planning on the route between the islands and decided going north of them was better.

    2. The Yong Sheng is passing the big island New Siberian (Bovaya Sibir) on the north side. Between the south side of New Siberian and the main land of Russia the ice has other concentration (non blue).
      The Russian Icebreaker 50 LET POBEDY is escorting the Yong Sheng since the 28th of Aug.

      It will be interesting how the ice is north of Severnaya Zemlya, when the Yong Sheng gets there.

      The Google map combined with the Arctic ice shows a lot of white in the area of Severnaya Zemlya.

  1. You seem to be conflating two different shipping routes. Yong Sheng is using the N. East passage. Canada ice breaker is for the N. West passage.

    1. A bit of browsing on that website and I found an article from April this year.

      “Earth Day Warning: 1,600 Years of Ice in Andes Melted in 25 Years”

      At the end of the article:
      In the past, Thompson has been outspoken about the dangers of global climate change. In 2010 Thompson argued that virtually all climatologists were convinced that “global warming poses a clear and present danger to civilization.”

      Maybe we should ask Mr. Lonnie Thompson now what he thinks about the coldest (global warming) temperatures in a decade.

      I know that the AGW believer will say “It’s just weather”. However, if it would be a heatwave then this would be a sign of the climate change.

  2. I’ve also been following the Yong Sheng. It seems to have disappeared from the tracking sites over the past 18 hours or so. Last location was N73.08 E158.33
    In any case, there’s no way it will make Rotterdam by 9/11.

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