Scientists: Climate Change May Offer Hurricane Help

“Many scientists have blamed global warming for more intense recent hurricane seasons and for the more destructive storms that are predicted in years to come, but a new study says climate change could eventually help safeguard the U.S. Atlantic Coast from hurricanes.

Climate change might alter atmospheric conditions so that future hurricanes may be pushed away from the East Coast, according to a study published Monday by the Proceedings of the National Academy of Science.

The warming caused by greenhouse gases—thought to be the result of human activities such as burning fossil fuels—could redirect atmospheric winds that steer hurricanes.

By the next century, the study’s authors report, atmospheric winds over the Atlantic could blow more directly from west to east during hurricane season, pushing storms away from the United States.”

As the AGW Theory fails, more and more stories like this will occur. “Deniers” have known for years Hurricane Activity is low. But the “zero Atlantic Hurricanes in August” has freaked out the slightly less dishonest journalists and “scientists”.

They will claim Global Warming is still real and can still change the climate, but it will now be a force for good. So keep the grant money coming. 

Climate Scientists are like stereotypical movie white men who pretend to be Witch Doctors and know that 10 days from now there will be a lunar eclipse and con the whole tribe into paying tribute so the Witch Doctor will save them!

I did find all the comments from the usual group of cult members trying to hold onto the Climate Change con quite funny. Evil and funny. But still funny.

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