Two Increases In a Row For Arctic Sea Ice Extent

Arctic Sea Ice Extent increased for the 2nd day in a row. The increase was 19,270 sq km. Minimum is getting close. Yesterday was day 250. Day 248 is the lowest value for 2013.

If day 248 turned out to be the minimum, it would be tied for third earliest with 1994. 1987’s minimum was day 245. 1997’s was 246.

Arctic Ice Loss or Gain Last 150 Days (Up To Day 250 )


5 thoughts on “Two Increases In a Row For Arctic Sea Ice Extent

  1. Bet NH Ice is on way back and will surpass Average this year and for many years to come. Reckon the below average days are over. With Antarctica and NH both going above the last icon of AGW is gone.

  2. The melt season isn’t over yet; In about 2 weeks we will likely see the minimum for the year.

    As of yesterday, the ice extent continued its normal decline, reported by NIC at 5.82 M Sq. Km, with the packed ice portion at 4.83 M.
    That’s a loss for the day of ~23,000, most of it from the packed ice turning into marginal ice.

    But these numbers will fluctuate from day to day until the minimum is reached.

  3. NIC reports a very slight decline in Arctic ice extent yesterday, to 5.81 M Sq. Kms.

    Interesting to note that the packed ice extent that had gone as low as 4.5 M late in Aug. has now built up to show 4.9 M now. That number exceeds even 2009 and 2010, though those years are running ahead on total ice extent.

    Yes the recovery is remarkable, and we may even seen an early minimum (ahead of Sept.21-23).

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