Hometown Max Temperature – Days Over 25C / 30C / 35C

A couple of days ago I did a post about the days over 30C in the HADCET maximum daily temperature dataset.

Warmists have claimed we are all going to die in heatwaves. The HADCET doesn’t show that.

So I thought I would look at the same data for my hometown on the west coast. The data only starts in the late 1940s.

Here are three histograms of the daily maximum temperature over 35C , 30C and 25C.  Nothing to worry about. Unless you plan to time travel to the 1960s or 1970s..

Click for larger.


So then I thought … what about early warm days and late warm days. By that I meant before June and after September.

There were no days over 35C that occurred early/late. And the years that stood out were the 1950s.

Hometown_Days_Over_30C EarlyLate

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