2013 Preliminary CO2 Figures Coming Out – China Wins!

The preliminary reports about CO2 in 2013 are coming out. China wins! China is now so far out in front that no country will ever catch them.

China has quadrupled CO2 output since 1990, while the USA output is now back to 1990 levels.

It discredits the CO2 theory of global warming doesn’t it?


6 thoughts on “2013 Preliminary CO2 Figures Coming Out – China Wins!

  1. Am I right on this? Atmospheric CO2 has steadily (very steadily) increased since the 70s or 80s. Then as most of the emission from industrialized world was leveling off toward a gradual decline, China and India (mostly China) started to really crank up their emissions. So, does the increase in China’s and India’s contribution to the level of atmospheric CO2 account for the increased total since 2002, which would naturally have to include the offset of declines from the US and EU? If so, why is there no discernible up-tick in the CO2 record at the 2002 inflection point? Something doesn’t add up.

      1. I guess we need to know how many tons emitted CO2 equals 1ppm of additional CO2 in the atmosphere. Then we need to know how many tons are emitted by natural sources so we can get a net figure for the China/India contribution.

  2. Look at Murray Salby’s work. He shows that total atmospheric CO2 is not correlated to anthropogenic emissions but is controlled by temperature and soil moisture because the natural CO2 sources and sinks are many orders of magnitude larger than the anthropogenic source. I like to visualize it as a swimming pool full of marbles with a huge front end loader putting in marbles at one end and another removing them from the other and a little girl playing alongside with a pail of marbles from which she occasionally removes one and throws it into the pool.
    His work leaves very little room for anthropogenic CO2 in the overall atmospheric makeup.

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