Antarctic Clown Convention HAD to Know The Ice Was Thick Way Back in October

The bunch of clowns on the MV Akademik Shokalskiy had to have known the ice was highest it has ever been. And the BBC propaganda arm still claims the voyage was to study “melting ice”.

Way back on October 16 2013 the Antarctic supply ship Aurora Australis set sail for summer season and they were interviewed:

“Voyage leader Tony Foy has told Radio National the weather forecast was not good for the start of the journey and there was a lot of ice to get through.

“We’re expecting thick sea ice on the way, but as I told the expeditioners yesterday they’ll get the full Southern Ocean experience which I’m sure they’ll all want,” he said.

“Microwave data we got last week shows the ice concentration this year is as high as it’s been since we started taking readings back in the late 70s.

I think we can expect it to be pretty slow when we hit the ice edge.”

BBC January 2 2014:

“Despite being trapped, the scientists continued their experiments, measuring temperature and salinity through cracks in the surrounding ice.

One of the aims was to track how quickly the Antarctic’s sea ice was disappearing.”

(h/t EUreferendum)

3 thoughts on “Antarctic Clown Convention HAD to Know The Ice Was Thick Way Back in October

  1. OT but maybe you can help, DMI has stopped releasing data on temps above 80 N since around Dec 10 I have sent e-mail but no responses.

    And today Antarctic and Arctic sea area charts are missing all of 2013 data.

    Thanks Chris

    I need DMI data to continue tracking Arctic temps and solar activity.

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