Green Hypocrisy

“When they’ve got scientific evidence on their side, green campaigners spew hate speech about the evil science deniers on the other side. But the moment a scientific consensus attacks some cherished green myth (organic good, GMO bad, for example), they spew hate speech against scientists as corporate shills.”


Yup. Ever try and argue with a greenie that banning DDT killed millions? They get ugly really quick.



    1. For the 50 to 100,000,000 who died of malaria … yes.

      “The National Academy of Sciences concluded in 1965 that ‘in a little more than two decades,
      DDT has prevented 500 million [human] deaths that would otherwise have been inevitable.’
      The World Health Organization stated that DDT had ‘killed more insects and saved more people
      than any other substance.’””


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