The NY Times Thinks It Is The “End Of Snow” For the Olympics

Some guy at the NY Times Thinks It Is The “End Of Snow” For the Olympics.

“In the last 47 years, a million square miles of spring snow cover has disappeared from the Northern Hemisphere

I suspect the “author” used 47 years because the Rutgers Snow Lab’s data for the Northern Hemisphere starts in 1967  (2014 – 47).

Now the Olympics usually runs in February, so lets look at snow cover data for February.


2013 in February certainly had a little less snow than 1967 (47 years ago).

But 2013 had a lot more than 1968. About 3.5 million sq km more in fact according the Rutgers snow lab.

And 2010-2013 were probably the snowiest 4 years ever. The late 1970s would be the snowiest 3 years (but that was the coldest winter in US history)

1989 to 2002 looked bad for snow. But that was a long time ago. Warmists do tend to live in the past.

Looking at that graph I would have to conclude that there is no end of snow. Snow is doing just fine in the Northern Hemisphere.

However, the lack of snow does somewhat coincide with the AMO in February being very low. But it has nothing to do with CO2.


12 thoughts on “The NY Times Thinks It Is The “End Of Snow” For the Olympics

  1. I notice the Times is not taking comments. Afraid of being inundated with “stupidest story ever.”

    Author Porter Fox says: “If greenhouse gas emissions continue to rise — they grew 41 percent between 1990 and 2008 — then snowfall, winter and skiing will no longer exist as we know them by the end of the century.”

    No mention that the climate models that predict exorbitant warming (7 degrees Fahrenheit!) have already been falsified many times over, on multiple grounds. The warming they predict hasn’t happened. The upper tropospheric “fingerprint” of GHG-driven warming that they predict is not there. Etc, etc.

    It pains me to think of all the well-meaning leftists I know who not only swallow every mouthful of this crap, but think of themselves as purified by it, as if morality is about their wishes and feelings and fantasies instead of about TRUTH. Illiberal “liberalism” truly is a mental disease.

    Buried by snowmageddon, they think of themselves as especially enlightened for being able to still believe in the frypocalypse. No fair weather friends are these! No facts, no evidence, no driving cold will keep them from their appointed sacraments. If only they didn’t want to impose their idiot religion on everyone else!

    1. You make good points.

      What I don’t get is … he used 47 years. The Rutgers data starts in 1967 … 47 years ago. So he had to be looking at the Rutgers data. He must be so blinded by ideology that he didn’t care someone else could look it up and totally obliterate his whole article with one graph. Or assumed us deniers are too stupid to have looked at the data before.

      1. The believers who read his piece would never think of looking something up, nor would they ever be found reading this blog. Don’t worry, the ignorance of his readers is safe.

  2. By Spring snowcover I think they mean March, April, May. Of course, they would never want to mention October, November, December because these three months have seen an increase over the past 30 years.

    1. The whole start of the article was about the Olympics which are held in February, not “Spring”. Spring is March/April/May. Even so, The last 4 years have been good for March snow cover. The best 4 years since the 1970s.

  3. Don’t both sides agree and stipulate the following statment is wrong? “Nothing besides a national policy shift on how we create and consume energy will keep our mountains white in the winter — and slow global warming to a safe level.”

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