How To Get Cheap High Speed Trains

I have a foolproof plan for cheap high speed rail.


  • Take a medium speed train. Paint it in a new color scheme. And announce it is a new high speed train.
  • Wait until a stupid greenie holds a news conference demanding that the high speed trains run slower to save on CO2.
  • Have the train company announce that it will gladly comply with the greenies and run the new “high speed” train at “medium speed” train velocity.
  • Bank the savings.


(Inspiration Tim Blair)




  1. Yes. The progressives truly believe that if you change the name of a thing, the thing changes to match the name. They go way beyond Humpty Dumpty who merely held that a word meant exactly what he felt it meant when he used it. They believe, that by merely feeling something is so, reality changes to match their feeling. Upon examination, the “reality” they live in is nothing but their fantasy of the contents of the minds of their significant others. Who also manage to have the same “reality” all in a grand endless loop of significant others. Hence their obsession with consensus, their violent reaction to any disagreement, and their drive to adjust empirical data and to use the numbers issued by computer simulations as if it were actual data.

    Their shaky “reality” can be destroyed by a simple assertion that what they believe is not so and the showing of the real world evidence of that fact. Which explains their drive toward censorship and the character assassination of those who they call “deniers”. Nothing can be permitted to disturb their alternate universe. If it is disturbed, they fear the foundation of their entire lives will crumble to dust. Interestingly, it already has but like the Road Runner coyote who does not fall until he has gone way past the edge of the cliff, they work overtime trying not to notice their positions are firmly planted in mid air over a bottomless pit.

    One last comment: Beep…Beep!


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