Antarctic Sea Ice AREA – Day 260 – Another 125,000 sq km – Holy Hockey Stick!

Antarctic Sea Ice Area is still skyrocketing. (difference between Area/Extent here)

Another day another 125,000 sq km. Ice Age?


4 thoughts on “Antarctic Sea Ice AREA – Day 260 – Another 125,000 sq km – Holy Hockey Stick!

  1. As per the Michael Mann “Hockey Stitch” calculation technique,

    day 252, 15.7
    day 260, 16.7
    that is 8 days -> lets just call it 10 days [I’m a softie].
    So 1 M km^2 per 10 days.

    In 1000 days [that is just 3 years], there will be 100 M km^2.

    Now Antarctica is just 14 M km^2, so in three years Antarctica will be 7 times bigger!! That means that the radius of Antarctica will increase by 2.5 times.

    In summary, in just 3 years the Antarctica Ice sheet will reach almost to the Amazon River [Oh, only during winter!!].

    Thank you in advance, for my furthering of “Global Warming Climate Science”. Remember “Global Warming” causes increased ice!

  2. “Another day another 125,000 sq km. Ice Age?”

    One hopes not.

    It is getting colder, and real indicators suggest it will continue to do so for years. A few more consecutive years of increasing cold at this rate and the weather might indeed begin to resemble the little ice age. That is not a good thing.

    Currently the increasing number of folks freezing to death in UK and EU each year is mostly still ignored. If(when?) the cold kills major food crops it will be impossible to ignore the freezing/starving people. Those involved in overpricing heating energy to prevent supposed warming might be taken “a la lanterne”; especially those who made major profits doing so. Those using guilt to extract tax funds to combat supposed AGW won’t fare much better when average folk figure out those funds should have been used to prepare for the cold (Especially those who knew about the coming cold and hid the info.)

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