Sea Ice Extent – Day 65

Global_Sea_Ice_Extent_Zoomed_2015_Day_65_1981-2010 Antarctic_Sea_Ice_Extent_Zoomed_2015_Day_65_1981-2010 Arctic_Sea_Ice_Extent_Zoomed_2015_Day_65_1981-2010

DataSouth / North





2 thoughts on “Sea Ice Extent – Day 65

  1. Because the North Pole sea ice is all free-floating and governed by wind direction, is it safe to say that the record low extent in the Arctic is because of sustained winds blowing from Scandinavia towards the Bering Sea Strait and that with sea ice volume way up in that quadrant, that next winter’s low ice extent in the north Atlantic can allow for more thermal loss in that region and thus, even more Arctic sea ice?

  2. Starting to wonder if we’ve past Arctic maximum already? Should be interesting min this year with cooler water flowing from Atlantic, I wonder if that will offset what I’m guessing will be a big melt in Laptev and East Siberian Seas?

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