USA Temperatures – Shrinking Population = Cooler / Growing Population = Warmer

A couple of years ago I posted an article about waste heat.

“The waste heat generated by car engines, power plants, home furnaces and other fossil fuel-burning machinery plays an unappreciated role in influencing regional climates, new computer simulations suggest. By altering atmospheric circulation, human-made heat may raise temperatures by as much as 1 degree Celsius during winter in the northernmost parts of the world.”

Compare this map of CRN temperature changes from a WUWT article to the population growth map.

A large part of the US is shrinking population-wise and that part of the USA is cooling.

Ā WUWT_CRN_clip_image0047


3 thoughts on “USA Temperatures – Shrinking Population = Cooler / Growing Population = Warmer

  1. It’s funny that you should mention WUWT along with the context of “human-made heat”! WUWT is a famous “lukewarmer” site. They promote the idiotic concept that “mankind is warming the planet, but it is inconsequential”, whatever that means!

    It’s an easy “sell” to folks that do not understand how Earth’s climate works. Strike a match and hold your hand over it. Feel the heat. So, if you can burn your hand, the heat from that match must be “warming the planet”, huh? Of course that is shallow thinking and devoid of science, but it sells. Just as the “greenhouse effect” sells. People believe it, and the hoax continues.

    Solar energy that strikes Earth, after albedo and reflection, amounts to about 40,000 times the entire electrical energy produced by all the power plants in the world. Let that sink in. “40,000 times” more energy than man is producing. Yet, Earth handles that excess energy with NO problem, just as it handles the heat from that match, or a billion matches, or a billion-billion matches.

    Folks just don’t understand the science.

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