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June 9, 2015

Sea Ice Extent – Day 159 – Antarctic 3rd Highest – Global 14th Highest For This Day


3rd Highest Antarctic Sea Ice For This Day – 1 million above the 1981-2010 mean. – Above 2 standard deviation.

14th Highest Global Sea Ice For This Day – Above the 1981-2010 mean.

Arctic no longer a record low for the day. So far 45 days in 2015 have been record lows. 2006 has 79 record lows. 2012 has 127.

Global_Sea_Ice_Extent_Zoomed_2015_Day_159_1981-2010 Antarctic_Sea_Ice_Extent_Zoomed_2015_Day_159_1981-2010 Arctic_Sea_Ice_Extent_Zoomed_2015_Day_159_1981-2010

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  1. Given the Antarctic trend line the past two weeks, is it safe to say that Antarctic extent will be nowhere near record levels later this year?

    Also, since polar extents typically have an inverse relationship, does this portend a return of Arctic sea ice extent next winter?

    Comment by AZ1971 — June 9, 2015 @ 10:18 AM | Reply

    • This is a tough one. We are just leaving the year of peak Solar output for Solar Cycle 24. BUT, this is the weakest Solar cycle in approximately one hundred years. If the Sun is less than 110 sfu average, then it is possible to meet or exceed the previous records. Presently, the Solar average is 119 sfu. We have 3.5 months before the Antarctica peak. All we can do is watch.

      Note: Two weeks from now will be an indication: if Ozone declines [controlled by Solar EUV, indicated by sfu], then a strong possibility for a new record.

      Comment by jlurtz — June 9, 2015 @ 4:08 PM | Reply

  2. Day 159, June 8 results from MASIE. A day when 2014 has a sizable loss while 2015 gains back the previous day’s melt.

    2014 lost 130k on this day while 2015 gained back 71k, lifting the low to 11.20M km2. The loss is now 23.0% from NH max on day 93. 2014 lead reduces to 4.7%, which is about 548k km2 difference.

    2015 gain was mostly in Greenland Sea (43K) with small gains in some other seas.

    Comment by Ron Clutz — June 9, 2015 @ 12:26 PM | Reply

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