Sea Ice Extent – Day 287 – Another Strange Day



South / North


5 thoughts on “Sea Ice Extent – Day 287 – Another Strange Day

  1. The same thing happened a short while back. Does the wind scatter ice flos from a more densely packed area, widening the 15% ZONE (or whatever criteria they use for extent) so that these data points are real?

      1. Even the casual observer can see this is an artifact and not real data. One only needs to look to the lower right of that highlighted image to see additional artifacts in the grey scale. These follow what I would describe as a satellite passing overhead in a linear trajectory, picking up something that doesn’t exist over open water and adding additional “ice” on the opposite side that doesn’t belong either.

        What dismays me most is that this is presumably the best scientific minds and satellite imagery we have for tracking what the ditz in the White House describes as “the most important crisis facing the world today.” If that’s true, there’s even more of a fundamental reasoning behind skepticism’s value given this is what’s being made public.

  2. re: strange day. I never pay much attention to Extent because 15% sounds hard to judge. OTOH Sea Ice Area, meaning 85% orr more, can obviously be easily seen and measured.

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