Sea Ice Extent (Global Antarctic and Arctic) – Day 50 – 2016


Update: Missed a few days. My advice … don’t get the flu.

A new global lowest minimum record has been set: 16.709 million sq km on day 48.

(This post is using day 50 data for the graphs. I missed day 48))

The previous global lowest minimum record was from 2006 at 16.766 million sq km. on day 30.

The Arctic may also set a record for lowest maximum unless 330,00 sq km of ice can be found.

Global_Sea_Ice_Extent_Zoomed_2016_Day_50_1981-2010 Antarctic_Sea_Ice_Extent_Zoomed_2016_Day_50_1981-2010 Arctic_Sea_Ice_Extent_Zoomed_2016_Day_50_1981-2010


South / North

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