Will There Be a Big La Nina?

It is not uncommon for a La Nina to follow an El Nino.

The graphs are the top 5 El Nino’s centered on the peak month.  1972 had the biggest La Nina.

Nino 3.4 1958 Nino 3.4 1972 Nino 3.4 1982 Nino 3.4 1997 Nino 3.4 2015


2 thoughts on “Will There Be a Big La Nina?

  1. Joe Bastardi is on board with this. He has been touting a cool down for some time now. We shall soon see!

  2. If it is indeed a big La Niña event, we should also be looking at it with respect to the weak current SC24 solar cycle and the unprecedented divergence between solar hemispheric polar field strengths. NOAA’s new paper says Antarctica has been gaining 187 Gt of ice annually, not losing it. And a weaker sun during solar cycle peaks means ~1W/m-2 less TOA insolation compared to CO2’s 0,27W/m-2 forcing.

    Of course if there is no real La Niña, all we’ll hear about is how a new paradigm has been set in atmospheric temperatures.

    I like recent articles pointing out much higher snowfalls during warmer periods in earth’s history because the atmosphere can hold more water vapor. Who’s to say that a switch in climate can’t be sudden?

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