Irony in Antarctica

Students set sail to save the world!

… university students, techies, researchers, executives and greens with a common cause to save earth from ill-effects of greenhouse emissions, rapid urbanisation, excess consumption of natural resources and changing lifestyle.


Setting off in ‘Ocean Endeavour’, the luxury ship navigated by 50 crew members,


The ship offers a superb guest experience with a nautical lounge, two restaurants, sundeck, and ample deck space for observation of polar landscapes. The ship’s interiors have a contemporary aesthetic that provides a bright and spacious feel to the cabins and common spaces.

Ocean Endeavour has a focus on health and wellness with newly-built saunas, pool, gym, hot tub and the Wellness Café and Juice Bar. The ship will offer guests onboard services and amenities that that will enhance their Polar expedition experience. There is also a Polar Boutique, where guests can buy gifts and/or any gear they might need for the voyage.



5 thoughts on “Irony in Antarctica

  1. Are they going for an action replay of Chris Turkey’s Ship of Fools fiasco, get stuck in the ice that isn’t supposed to be there and require three icebreakers to rescue them?

  2. Steady on : Ushuaia is almost like a ferrytour port for the Antarctic. When I was there it was possible to to turn up hang around for a few days and find a place on a boat trip which cost $500 upwards for a week (The $500 is the mostly the cost of the survival suit). So I think the Indian newspaper has dramatized a rather routine event
    …so you’ve had a rather misleading starting point.

    These Indian students are not saving the world..they are just another bunch of affluent tourists having a dream trip.

    1. Not just students: “university students, techies, researchers, executives and greens”

      “Organised by the US-based 2041 Foundation under the leadership of veteran polar explorer and British environmentalist Robert Swan, the expedition studied the impact of climate change due to global warming for promoting renewable energy sources, sustainability and preserve the earth’s fragile ecosystem.”

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