Canada’s Federal NDP to Alberta: “Drop Dead”

What a surprise. The Federal NDP (the socialist party that wants to run Canada) wants to kill the oil and gas industry in Alberta (which is governed by the Provincial NDP).

Alberta’s Environment Minister attacked a proposed NDP policy road map known as the “Leap Manifesto” on Friday, calling the sweeping climate-change plan a betrayal of Albertans who voted for Rachel Notley’s New Democrats.

Speaking a few city blocks away from where 1,500 NDP delegates were gathered for the federal party’s convention, Shannon Phillips said the proposed plan was unworkable in the short term and didn’t recognize Alberta’s climate efforts.

“A lot of people can say a lot of things and talk a lot of things from their downtown Toronto perch, but in Alberta our focus is on ensuring that we’ve got good-paying jobs,” Ms. Phillips said. “That is not talking, that’s doing.”

Party members will vote Sunday on a resolution that would adopt the Leap Manifesto as a reference point to shape the NDP’s policy discussions over the next two years. The document is at the centre of the struggle for the federal party’s leadership. It calls for a speedy transition away from fossil fuels, the rejection of new pipelines and a ban on trade deals.

Isn’t it time for Alberta to ban all purchases of goods from Ontario?

One thought on “Canada’s Federal NDP to Alberta: “Drop Dead”

  1. Since Eastern Canada is mostly supplied crude from Saudi Arabia and the US, the two largest “carbon” sources, Alberta is almost compelled to boycott.

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