Landfill: the slow, green way to recycle

The title of this post is Bishop Hill’s suggestion for a new cool catchphrase for landfills since it appear recycling is a massive money losing scam. It made me chuckle.

The news that a vast, shiny, new state of the art recycling centre in Lancashire is to be mothballed after incurring “catastrophic losses” will not come as much of a surprise to anyone who keeps an eye on the green scene. A moment’s thought by anyone with more than a couple of braincells to rub together leads to the inevitable conclusion that expending vast resources – energy, labour, capital, chemicals and the like – to turn low value items into even lower value items is not much of an economic proposition. With councils increasingly cash-strapped, it is becoming ever harder to sustain the illusion that recycling is anything other than virtue-signalling from middle-class poseurs.

Perhaps landfill needs to have its brand detoxified. Rather than wasting all those precious resources on collecting refuse to turn it into heaven knows what, let’s use the power of Mother Nature to break down and recycle what can be broken down, leaving what is inert to cause no trouble to anyone. Yes, it will be slower than what passes for recycling now, but aren’t greens in favour of using slower, more natural approaches whenever they can?


One thought on “Landfill: the slow, green way to recycle

  1. Put a diaphragm over it and extract the methane.

    Curiously enough, in some of the more effectively governed countries I have visited, the collection of rubbish is franchised to companies who bid competitively for it, and despite being infinitely more industrious – in some cases collecting daily – manage to make a substantial profit out of their recycling efforts.

    No chance of that in Rip-Off Broken Britain, obviously.

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