Alberta Wind – March 2015

As some of you my have noticed I like to mock the idea that wind can take over for fossil fuels.

Here is the Actual Wind Production versus the day ahead prediction.

Purple is the the 1450MW of power wind could generate (and never does).

Green is actual.  Notice it goes to zero 4 times and under 200MW a bunch of times.

And several of those low stretches last a whole day!





2 thoughts on “Alberta Wind – March 2015

  1. The other problem you can mock is a little trickier to discern but easily demonstrable: there is no rhyme or reason to when peak wind power generation occurs. Much of the time it is in the overnight hours — but not always. Combining peak wind with peak solar, you have highly skewed non-linear generation vs. usage. That is incredibly hard on the electrical grid to balance out demand. Even for a distributed grid, inconsistencies translate into inefficiencies.

    Mock away, I’m right there with you.

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