How Ontario Won Its War on Coal

I was reading a paper suggesting the world could rid itself of fossil fuels in a decade. Ha ha.

One quote jumped out at me: “The study highlights numerous examples of speedier transitions that are often overlooked by analysts. For example, Ontario completed a shift away from coal between 2003 and 2014”

How did Ontario win its war on coal? Nuclear and Hydro. As I write this I checked Ontario current stats:



Did Ontario suddenly build new nuclear power facilities or new hydro dams in 10 years? No.

No new dams. No new nuclear power facilities. 

“Since 2003, Bruce Power, which operates a massive nuclear plant near Lake Huron, has refurbished and placed back into service two of its units. Today, Bruce Power’s eight units make it the “world’s largest operating nuclear site” with a capacity of about 6,300 megawatts.”

“The Sir Adam Beck plant, which harnesses the power of the water tumbling over Niagara Falls, was upgraded in 2005. In 2013, a giant tunnel that funnels even more water to the plant was completed. To the north, several expansions of the Lower Mattagami River complex … ”

Sure, you can get rid of coal in 10 years if you’ve already built the dams or the nuclear power plants. Because you know damn well environmentalists won’t want you to build any new dams or nuclear power plants.



One thought on “How Ontario Won Its War on Coal

  1. This US truck driver goes up to Ontario several times a year on runs (been up there 4 times this year so far). Wind farms dot the countryside all over the province with most concentrated to take the advantage of the winds coming off the great lakes. And yet according to your pie chart wind only accounts for a small percentage of the MW produced. They are abominations IMHO.

    I suspect that they need what ever power they can get. Toronto has grown at a breath taking rate the last 20 years. I hate hitting that area during high traffic times.

    OT but I almost always cross over at the Ambassador bridge between Detroit and Windsor. To understand that the governments of neither side take their climate change hype seriously one only need to see what I and 100s of other truck drivers see and experience frequently when crossing the border there going either direction.

    Quite frequently truck traffic at that crossing gets backed up for miles. Imagine 200+ big trucks idling along for a couple hours waiting to cross because traffic is backed up across the bridge because of hold ups at customs. And this has been going on for decades with little effort to change it.

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