Parachuting in the Arctic

North Pole Skydivers. I’m shocked … shocked … that there was actual intact ice for them to land on.



One thought on “Parachuting in the Arctic

  1. Nice Hollywood jump. (Hollywood= No combat equipment) Fun stuff. First few out of the helicopter did a hop & pop free fall. The next group used static lines. Never jumped onto the ice but jumped in Arctic and extreme cold weather environments. Whole different ball game when you have 100+ lbs of equipment, weapons, and skis and snow shoes hanging on your body and are going out of the aircraft at night.

    My first jump after being assigned to a team in Co A, 3rd Bn, 10th SFG(A) was at 01:00 local with full combat equipment and skis jumping and MC1-1B round parachute, off the ramp of a C-123 (Love the sound and feel of those radial engines). Temperature was about -10 deg F and Turner DZ at what was then Ft. Devens, MA had a foot of snow covered with a hard crust. Made three other jumps with skis and/or snow shoes. The furthest north I jumped was Dumbas, Norway.

    The way we rigged skis for jumping then (1980s) is different than they are doing now. Ours were uncovered with their bottoms attached together and plastic blocks but into the camber to form a channel through which the lowering line of the rucksack passed through. The skis were rigged using quick release knots in cotton webbing attached to the chute harness by the left shoulder and down on the jumpers left thigh. The ski tips were up and the skis ran down along the left side of the jumpers pack tray behind his shoulder then down the side of his body and left leg. After the jumper has exited the aircraft and checked canopy he pulls the quick releases. Then when he lowers his ruck sack in preparation for landing the skis slide down the lowering line and rest on top of the rucksack.

    I think that the way we did it is much preferable to the way they are doing it now as shown in this video:

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