Klimate Kids

I came across this NASA website dedicated to freaking kids out educating kids about climate change.bambi

It reminds me of the short movie called “Bambi versus Godzilla” …. lots of images cute baby deer to set you up and then crunch!

Godzilla = Climate Change

Here is a few excerpts from NASA’s site.


“For the past 30 years or so, spring temperatures have been coming one day earlier each year. That gives the marmots one more month to eat and get fatter before going back into hibernation in the fall. With more food stored in their bodies, more marmots are surviving the winters.

Early spring brings luscious green grass to munch.

Also, marmot babies are being born sooner in the spring. That means the babies have more time to fatten up too. So more of the babies are surviving their first winter.

So not only are the marmots getting fatter, but there are lots more of them.”


However, as their environment continues to warm, summer drought will dry up the food before the marmots are ready to hibernate again. Then, the earlier spring and longer summer will not help them at all.


While the marmots are getting fatter, the wild Soay sheep on islands near Scotland have been shrinking! Large animals have an easier time staying warm in cold weather than do smaller animals. However, as the sheep’s environment has warmed, the smaller sheep are surviving just fine too. Smaller lambs that often did not survive are now surviving. Also, younger and smaller mother sheep (who often did not survive the winter) are giving birth to smaller lambs. And smaller sheep eat less,


Climate change may seem to be helping these animals. But this help probably will not last. As their environments continue to warm, the animals may find that drier conditions make food scarce.

3 thoughts on “Klimate Kids

  1. Never read the book but know well the bait-and-switch implicit doom that every climate alarmist makes about the future. When you remove the qualifiers “might” “may” “could” from the statements, it’s an entirely different ball game.

    For instance, I could win the Powerball lottery jackpot this weekend.
    I could also marry Charlotte McKinney.

    Possibility often gets confused with probability. In climate circles, they’re frequently conflated with each other and supported by dodgy data, computer modeling and trumpeted by a complicit media.

    1. Not to mention conflating correlation with causation.

      Added to which, most climate “scientists” wouldn’t recognise an error bar if you beat them over the head with it.

      And then there’s “False Precision Syndrome”, whereby differences in the average of a large number of measurements known to a precision of no better than ±0.5 deg C are quoted to three places of decimals…

      Only in climate “science”…

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