Of course, you can’t kill all of the bacteria, or the cow would die

There is always a catch with AGW “solutions

Most attempts to tackle climate change focus on cutting greenhouse gases from cars and factories, but a small group of scientists think the key may lie in cutting emissions of a different kind.

Methane produced by livestock farming accounts for around 18 per cent of global greenhouse gas emissions in the form of flatulence and belching, according to official estimates.

But researchers at Aarhus University in Denmark believe they may be able to reduce this by feeding cos oregano to alter the balance of bacteria in their digestive systems.

Methane produced from cows is 21 times more harmful to the atmosphere than carbon dioxide. With the demand for milk and steak showing no sign of slowing, this problem can only get worse.

They think the essential oils from the herb, and its potent antimicrobial properties, will kill off the bacteria growing in cows stomachs that emit methane.

Dr Kai Grevsen, a senior researcher involved in the project, told NPR: ‘Oregano has essential oils with a mild antimicrobial called carvacrol, which can kill some of the bacteria in the cow’s rumen that produce methane.

Of course, you can’t kill all of the bacteria, or the cow would die.’

I wonder if you make spaghetti sauce with ground beef from cows who have eaten a lot of oregano  … can you skip adding oregano?


4 thoughts on “Of course, you can’t kill all of the bacteria, or the cow would die

  1. I love how they say that methane is “21 times more harmful to the atmosphere than CO2”. I assume that by harmful, they are referring to methane’s ability to absorb more infrared radiation than CO2. These people neglect to mention that atmospheric concentrations of methane are measured in ppb, and are therefore, negligible. In any case, any wavelengths of IR that could be absorbed by methane, have been absorbed by H2O, which is the only greenhouse gas of any consequence here on Earth. Therefore, methane is not really an issue.

  2. Fact truly is stranger than fiction. Who would have imagined 50 years ago that lame brains claiming that cow farts are damaging to the planets atmosphere and endangering human kinds wellbeing and possible survival would be taken seriously by anyone considered sane?

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