Greenland is melting! 40 Trillion Pounds A Year!!!! Ooops.

Greenland is melting!!!

40 Trillion Pounds a Year!!!

Ooops. A trivial amount.

The extra ice loss adds a tiny amount — one-sixtieth of an inch (0.4 mm) a decade — to global sea level rise, Bevis said.

Altogether, Greenland melt adds one fiftieth of an inch — 0.54 mm— a decade, he said.




  1. Back in 1942, six Lockheed P-38 Lightnings and two Boeing b-17s got into trouble over the Greenland ice cap while being delivered to Great Britain and made forced landings. All the crew survived and were rescued.

    In 1992 an operation was launched to recover one of the planes, which had become covered with 268 feet of snow. The operation succeeded, and the plane, now named ‘Glacier Girl’, has been fully restored and is now flying.

    This would rather militate against the assertion that the ice cap is losing mass due to the climate warming IMO.


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