CO2 versus USA Jun-Sep Max Temp

Despite a tripling of manmade CO2 since 1965, “summer” max temps in USA still are lower than 1936.


h/t NoTricksZone


3 thoughts on “CO2 versus USA Jun-Sep Max Temp

  1. How convenient, ignoring both the minimum and average temperature graphs, as well as literally any other time scale or time-of-year, all of which show a steady increase. An increase of overall temperatures is the greatest marker of climate change, not just maximums, which are already anomalously high to begin with (that’s why they’re called “maximums”). You miss the entire key validation of anthropogenic climate change: an increase in extreme temperatures, at a micro scale (region/city), and an increase in average values at a macro scale (state/country/global).

    [Rest trimmed by Me]

    1) Maximum temperatures for the day ARE the extreme temperatures.

    2) Maximum temperatures in the Summer are what the AGW cult uses to try and scare people their will be killer heat waves.

    3) Minimum temperatures are going up and they move the average up. But maximum in the USA are NOTHING to worry about.

    4) The reason the NOAA doesn’t show Global Max/Min is because it would show the same thing.

    5) It is UHI driving up minimums which makes the averages higher. But Maximums aren’t going up.

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