Sea Ice Extent (Global Antarctic and Arctic) – Day 100 – 2017

Day 100. Both Antarctic and Arctic are 2nd lowest for the day.

In 1980 the Antarctic was lower. In 2016 the Arctic was lower.

South / North


One thought on “Sea Ice Extent (Global Antarctic and Arctic) – Day 100 – 2017

  1. Nothing to see here. Five years ago (2012) Arctic sea ice extent was at the long-term median but only made headlines when its summer extent fell to the lowest on record. That was due, of course, to weather events pushing massive amounts of thick, old ice south through the Fram Strait—not because the summer Arctic temperatures were melting the ice.

    There’s a LOT of NH snow cover, especially in western China and Kazakhstan:

    … and below normal SST’s off Japan and across the north Pacific (not to mention, the south Atlantic and eastern Indian Ocean):

    While not predicting anything, there’s a lot of thermal inertia required to flip those to the positive, which means that as thermal gain goes towards melting the snow/ice and warming the waters, it’s not going towards heating the atmosphere. There’s also far less anomalous heat in the Arctic open waters today than comparatively speaking in 2012. Anyone’s guess where we’ll be six months from now, but I don’t see fears of record low Arctic sea ice being borne out this year.

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