Sea Ice Extent (Global Antarctic and Arctic) – Day 271 – 2017

I haven’t called the Antarctic maximum yet because it isn’t unusual for the day of max to be later than 271.

Plus there is a bit of a surge going on.

However, if things don’t change it would be the lowest maximum by about 40,000 sq km. (which occurred in 1986).

South / North


3 thoughts on “Sea Ice Extent (Global Antarctic and Arctic) – Day 271 – 2017

  1. In seven years’ time we’re seeing Antarctic sea ice extent go from record highs to record lows and back to something more near the median. The only conclusion is that it’s not getting warmer in the Antarctic but winds are buffering or assisting in ice formation.

    1. I had a feeling, back when Antarctic ice was surging, that we would be having this discussion (of not-so-high ice extent). At the time, it was pretty clear that fresh water from the continent was being dumped into the ocean and, without salt content, freezing. Voila! Huge amounts of sea ice. The source of this fresh water? At the time, there was plenty of talk about volcanoes under the Antarctic. Now, apparently, the volcanoes have quieted down and any normal fresh water flows have diminished. Then, the winds and warmer currents take over and, voila! decresed sea ice.

      But it sure ain’t CO2’s handiwork.

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