The Shrinking CO2 Climate Sensitivity

Once upon a time the estimated effects of a doubling of CO2 where as high as 6C.

Now they approach zero. Read the rest at the source – NoTricksZone.


6 thoughts on “The Shrinking CO2 Climate Sensitivity

  1. Generally speaking, from the wide view, it could be argued that 2 degrees Celsius worth of warming is a “safe bet” between all of the papers for both TCR and ECS. Since CO2 follows a logarithmic curve with its GHG effect, this means that there really isn’t an impending doom to be concerned about.

  2. But NASA, NOAA, COERNICUS,JMA…..still saying that temperatures will increase betwen 3 an 4 C. Like always, your information is absolutely manipulated. So sad.

    1. More utterly uninformed drivel, as usual.
      AGW is just soooo twentieth century.
      But don’t worry, there will be another totally fictitious scare for scientifically illiterate scared little twerps to wet their beds over and post insulting, patronising alarmist claptrap on scientific blogs along very shortly.
      There always is.

  3. If those trend lines keep going down like that, than quite soon they will cross the zero axis.
    I wonder what will happen to climate “science” then…

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