Arctic Temps Below Normal For 50 Days – Media Doesn’t Notice


14 thoughts on “Arctic Temps Below Normal For 50 Days – Media Doesn’t Notice

  1. I have this question before and never got an answer. Why are the fluctuations so small at the top of the graph, and so large when it is coldest at the bottom of the graph?

    1. In summer the middle latitude jet stream is less vigorous and its associated depressions rarely throw warm air masses into the Arctic Circle.
      In winter the jets are far more active and often introduce warmer air masses to the Arctic Circle.
      When the Arctic is warmer than average in winter that means faster heat escape to space from the lower latitudes.

    1. Probably not. The DMI only analyses NH temperatures and ice cover.
      The Antarctic ice extent is growing fast and could reach the 1981-2010 average in a few weeks

      A similar situation happened in 2012, with relatively warm ENSO but higher solar activity.

  2. During the summer, the ice prevents the air temperature from rising. Just melting the ice takes huge heat and until it’s gone the temp won’t rise much.
    For example, the condensation on the outside of your glass of Gin and Tonic will remain until the ice melts. Then the whole glass warms up.
    Latent heat of whatever.
    Bob Hoye

  3. Further–the melting ice has a moderating effect that is not there in the winter. Then the air temp with little energy from the sun is subject to shifts in the jet stream.
    Each summer’s plot is interesting to watch as it is posted. Well, it is all year round.

    1. The point is that it isn’t above normal during the main melt season and nobody in the media ever points that out .

      The MSM are alarmists when anything suites their agenda. And silent when it doesn’t.

  4. It’s interesting to look at the historical record of these yearly graphs and note how often patterns repeat. One can find plots similar to every plot of the last five years before 1970.

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