200,000 Liters of Water a Day to Keep Solar panels Clean

When some green cult member complains about water used in fracking read this:

(A lakh  = 100,000)

RAMANATHAPURAM: The world’s largest solar power plant, installed by the Adani Group in 2,500 acres in Kamuthi taluk of Tamil Nadu, is not as green or sustainable as it seems. Local residents claim the 648 MW renewable energy plant is a water guzzler.

It takes as much as 2 lakh litres of good quality water to keep its 25 lakh solar modules clean each day. That water is sourced from borewells 5 km away without permission from the district authorities, the villagers allege.

Near the dried Gundar riverbed on Kamuthi-Mudukulathur road at Kottai Medu, one can find borewells functioning round the clock, filling 6,000-8,000 litre tanks that are attached to tractors.

Around 40 tractors are said to have been contracted by Adani Green Energy (TN) for cleaning the giant solar modules, each of which is approximately 125 ft long and 28 ft wide. Two contract workers in each vehicle fetch water and clean the modules, often twice a day. The panels need to be kept clean, else production could drop by as much as 25 per cent.


4 thoughts on “200,000 Liters of Water a Day to Keep Solar panels Clean

  1. Every day we see this Green madness. And solar panels cannot even make energy at all. A German/Austrian study in 2016 found out that after 25 years they could make only 82 % of the energy needed for their construction.

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