Arctic region was warmer than today during the 1930s.

It has been warmer in the Arctic.

Air temperature in 1899–1914 during three expeditions was 1.8–4.6 °C lower than the modern period in winter (Oct–Apr). However, during the 1930/31 expedition it was 4.6 °C warmer than the years 1981–2010. Our results relate to what has been called the ‘1930s warming’, referred to by various authors in the literature as the ETCW or the ETCAW.

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This article is one of the first in the literature to present an analysis of biometeorological conditions in the Arctic in historical periods. The Department of Meteorology and Climatology of Nicolaus Copernicus University has a sizeable database of early instrumental data for the Arctic region, the Historical Arctic Database (HARD 2.0,, and work on climate reconstructions of the region is ongoing. This line of application of the data, i.e. the historical bioclimatology of the Arctic, will continue to be developed in the near future.

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