All Icelandic Glaciers Are Expanding For The First Time In Decades

Update: This story may be based on this 3 year old story.

Expanding glaciers

According to researchers from the University of Iceland, ALL Icelandic glaciers are projected to expand this year, this would make it the first time the glaciers wouldn’t have shrunk year-on-year in a quarter of a century.

The researchers were shocked by the discovery that all of Iceland’s glaciers, including Vatnajökull, Langjökull, Hofsjökull and Mýrdalsjökull, have expanded in the last twelve months, from autumn to autumn. With Mýrdalsjökull showing a really “significant addition of ice this year.”

“[This] is unusual over the last 25 years,” said project manager Finnur Pálsson.

Langjökull had been losing around one and a half meters of ice per year for the past twenty years, “but in the last few years he has been close to zero, that is, he has neither expanded nor diminished. And that applies to this year, both for Vatnajökull and Langjökull as well,” said Pálsson.

Svínafellsjökull, one of the glaciers of Öræfajökull, the southernmost part of Vatnajökull

Pálsson looks for answers.

He rambles a little about global warming, stating even though it’s cold and the glaciers are growing that that should be no reason to doubt global warming…? But then he finishes with these nuggets: “It is a fact that it has been colder the last few years. And there was more snowfall in August on the upper part of Langjökull, which is very unusual.”


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