“Although the move cannot directly be attributed to climate change … “

Tickbox on all “science” stories. Blame climate change.

“Antarctica’s charismatic emperor penguins are thought to be particularly vulnerable to climate change, because warming waters are melting the sea ice where they live and breed. Now, the penguins have abandoned one of their biggest colonies after breeding pairs there failed to raise almost any new chicks in 3 years. Although the move cannot directly be attributed to climate change, researchers say it is an ominous sign of things to come for the largest of penguin species.”

“abandoned one of their biggest colonies”

They moved. They adapted.

“It seems that many of the adult emperor penguins have travelled elsewhere to find more reliable breeding ground. Satellite data shows that a colony of emperor penguins at the nearby Dawson-Lambton Glacier suddenly experienced a “massive increase” in numbers starting in 2016, the study authors write.

In some respects, this is good news.”

In some respects?

Shifting sea ice blocks their breeding ground and they are smart enough to move somewhere. How is that not good news?

Oh … right… harder to blame on climate change.

“While the researchers don’t know if the breakup of ice at Halley Bay was caused by warming …”

They have to tick the “Climate Change Causes Everything” box on their grant applications.

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