Asteroid Apophis is Coming in 10 Years

Update: I got the number of years in the body right but I put 8 in the title. 2029. 10 years. Sorry.

Only 12 years before climate change “destroys” the planet?

No problem … we only have 10 years left anyway. Sure … they say it will miss. But will it really?

April 13, 2029 – a massive, 370-meter wide asteroid known as Apophis will make the closest flyby on record of any known large asteroid, coming to within 31,000 kilometres of Earth’s surface.

Watch below to see the path Apophis will take on its April 2029 close flyby

In the above simulation, Apophis (yellow) flies over the Northern Hemisphere, passing safely over the ring of geostationary satellites (light blue). The orbit of the International Space Station is shown close to the planet (purple).

2 thoughts on “Asteroid Apophis is Coming in 10 Years

  1. The calendar is getting kind of crowded. That makes Beto’s latest climageddon and Apophis both due in 2029. And if you take Jesus’ birth as being in 6 BC, as some people think, that means 2029 may also be the 2,000th anniversary of his crucifixion. Pretty much covers all the bases.

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